The Best Vegan Sweets

Are You Vegan? Craving Vegan Sweets?

Do you have an insatiable sweet tooth and craving a vegan sweet or a vegan dessert? Trying to find the best vegan desserts or even exciting vegan sweets can be a nightmare.


Cruelty Free Vegan Sweets


As a vegan looking for treats is not so easy, even simple things like a vegan sweet potato. It's easier to look for vegan sweet potato recipes and make your own!

At Sunda Sweets a UK based online shop, we are making a difference by supplying candy suitable for everyone, including candy that is vegan & halal friendly. 


Sunda Sweets a Conscious Candy Company

More and more people around the world our becoming more conscious of sweet stuff they put in their mouths. Whether its confectionery or food if any kind of animal cruelty is involved in the manufacturing they swerve away. 

At Sunda Sweets we try to cater to everybody's tastes and desires with a sweet tooth. 



What are Vegan Sweets?


Vegan sweets are sweets that do not contain gelatine, milk or milk made products such as butter, whey, shellac, bees wax and cochineal. Basically, any sweets that do not contain any animal products are classed as vegan. 


Best Selection of Sweets for Vegans


 The most popular sweets for vegans and top vegan pick. Are as followers, vegan pick and mix, vegan marshmallows vegan fudge and vegan chocolate. 

If you are a vegan it should not be so difficult to find vegan friendly candy. Our web-based store has the best vegan selection of tasty & mouthwatering vegan candy.


How to tell if Chocolate is Vegan Friendly?



Vegan chocolate is a firm favourite amongst vegans, its also a perfect choice for people on a diet. The great thing about eating chocolate for a vegan is it reduces your blood sugar level and boost cell functionality. 

To check to see if chocolates are vegan friendly it should state no use of animal products. Such as milk, dairy butter or honey products. 



How to know if sweets are vegan friendly?

Not all sweet companies who sell on the internet advertise the sweets ingredients. There would be nothing worse for a vegan if their pick of sweets was not suitable.


Gluten Free Sweets 

Our company is fully aware of glutton allergies and the importance that sufferers pick glutton free products only. Not all the candy we sell in our on-line shop is suitable. So please read carefully the ingredients used to make sure the candy is glutton free. 

Honesty is the Best Policy 


At SundaSweets, we are an open and honest company. We list every single ingredient we use on all of our products. Which helps vegans & Islamic clients pick the suitable products for them.


Unsure if our Products are Vegan Friendly?


If you unsure which of our range of products are suitable for vegans, please don't hesitate to send us a message or give us a call. Are friendly and knowledgeable team want you to be able to choose the best vegan sweets without fear? We are here to help you pick & choose the best and most delicious vegan friendly candy.