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When you want an online sweets delivery, you're going to want to be able to order from a sweet shop online with the best selection. 

At Sunda Sweets, we supply the pick of the best sweets to make up our sweet jars & sweet hampers. We go above and beyond other sweet shops to ensure our sweets are of top quality and our customers get the sweets they desire. 


Sunda Sweets is a Sweet Shop offering the Best Sweets Online

Sunda Sweets is a UK Based Company and online sweets shop. As well as offering favourites such as classic confectionery and old style sweets. 

Check out our selection of Sweets Online 

At our sweet store, we endeavour to offer our customers a choice of sweets to tingle their taste buds. Some of our best sellers have been childhood sweets or old sweets that bring back memories of yesteryear. 


What are Retro Sweets?


Retro sweets are a category of sweets that were popular in the past, often associated with a sense of nostalgia. These sweets were commonly enjoyed during the 20th century and are still beloved by many people today. 

Below are a few examples of retro sweets from the past.


  • Cola Bottles
  • Jelly Babies
  • Sherbet Dips
  • Pick and Mix 
  • Love Hearts
  • Gob Stoppers


I imagine the above list of retro sweets & traditional sweets have whetted a few taste buds. Then don't worry go to our online sweet shop and order some of your old favourites. 


Who Remembers Pick and Mix Sweets?


Depending on your age most traditional sweets offered at a sweet shop came as pick & mix sweets. Or you could ask for a quarter of sweets (which was a quarter pound of sweets). The idea behind Pick & Mix sweets was you could pick from a range of different sweets. You choose your favourite sweets from the sweet jars, and the sweetshop owner would weigh them out and you were charged by the weight of the sweets. 


Pick & Mix is available at our Online Sweet Shop 


As the leading British sweets online supplier, we offer pick & mix sweets the same as the sweet shop UK of old. At our sweet shop, you can mix both traditional sweets & retro sweets to make your own sweet hampers or gift boxes. Or if preferred sweets only for yourself!


Are fizzy Sweets your thing?

Whether you like fizzy or sour sweets we have the best choices than other online sweet shops, we have some classic favourites such as sour cherries, rainbow cable shocks and cola bottle sweets. 


The Best Sweet Shop in the World


British sweets are renowned worldwide for being the best sweets. With our huge range of sweets from retro to the newest sweet arrivals, we offer nothing but quality sweets with outstanding service.

A Sweet Shop with Quality Assured Sweets 

Whether you purchase bulk sweets or your favourite pick and mix sweets. All of our sweets are manufactured using quality ingredients which are listed on our website

A Sweet Shop with Fast Delivery Worldwide

Whichever type of sweets your order from our online sweet shop we aim to dispatch the sweet box as soon as possible. All sweet boxes are carefully packed to ensure your sweets arrive undamaged and quickly. Online sweets delivery straight to your door.

When you want an online sweets delivery, you're going to want to be able to order from a sweet shop online with the best selection.