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Who's Gonna Refuse an Online Sweets Delivery?


Fancy a pick and mix sweets delivery straight to your front door? You would have to be crazy to say no, everyone and I mean everyone loves pick & mix sweets.

At Sunda Sweets, we have an awesome range of sweets to tingle everybody's taste buds. We stock the pick of the best of the UK's favourite selection of sweets and also sweets from the USA. 


Our Sweet Shop Special offers


When ordering sweets, keep in mind we are offering free shipping for sweet box orders over £20 right across the UK.

There is no time like the present to visit our online sweet shop. Pick out your favourites from our yummy selection of pick & mix sweets and buy them!

Although not before reading the exciting "limited offer" we have below for our pick and mix sweets. 


Limited Special Offer on all Pick and Mix Sweets


As an added incentive and for a limited time if you use our promo code at checkout, not only do you get free shipping but also 50% off all orders. Now that's what we call a sweet incentive for your sweet delivery!


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Check out our Sweet Shop & Pick Your Own Sweets


We have an awesome selection of sweets to pick from. To view the sweets available, go to our website and click "Store" on the top toolbar. This will open up a page containing the best selection of pick and mix sweets available. To pick a certain selection of sweets, just click the picture of the sweets you want to order. 

Below we have listed the best pick of the bunch. You can pick from 100g bags of sweets, right up to 1000g bags of some sweets. All prices are shown as per the weight you pick and include VAT


Pick of American sweets


  • Gummy Burgers - If you're a sweet-toothed burger lover then pick these sweets. Each tasty sweet is individually wrapped and is a perfect pick if you prefer gluten-free sweets
  • Gummy Hotdogs - A perfect pick if you want gluten-free individually wrapped sweets. Firm favourites and a perfect pick for American hotdog enthusiasts.


Pick of Halal Sweets


  • Halal Pick and Mix - With this selection, we have put together a 500g pick of our best-selling Halal sweets.
  • Freaky Fish - Pick these brightly coloured jelly sweets if you like deliciously flavoured fruit in a fish shape


Pick & Mix Sweets


  • Mystery Mix of Sweets - If you are unsure which sweets to pick individually, this 500g mystery pick and mix selection will be right up your street.
  • Birthday Surprise Mix - Pick these sweets for a birthday party. Kids just love them as they can pick out their favourites. Pick this bag of 500g of deliciousness to be delivered straight to your front door.
  • Gummy Mix - Pick these sweets if you are a gummy lover. This gummy selection is a pick of the best and most favourable gummy sweets and is available in 500g 


Pick of Sour Candy Sweets


Take a pick from the choice of sour candy sweets below. As always we pick the most flavoursome sweets on the market.


  • Rainbow Pencil Sweets - Pick these sweets if you like gummy candy with a soft white centre.
  • Small bubble gum bottles - Pick our hugely popular gum bottles if you like ultra tarty & sour sweets. Pick from 240g to 1000g of sweetness & tartness.
  • Jaw Breakers - Pick our delicious jawbreakers if you like a bubble gum centre. You can pick from 250g to 500g of these gluten-free balls of deliciousness. 


Pick of Gummy Sweets


Gummy sweets are a firm favourite with many of our customers. To pick your choice of gummies, visit our website to see our pick of the best sweets.

Giant Hearts - A perfect pick for a lover, sweetheart or husband and wife. Our giant heart-shaped cheery tasting sweets will be a perfect pick as a valentines gift too.


Pick of Colour Mixed Sweets


We have a huge range of coloured candy sweets to pick from. The perfect pick for themed birthday parties, you can pick from colours such as blue, red, pink, orange, yellow, and purple or pick green for St Patrick's Day celebration.


Valentines around the Corner


With Valentines coming up why not treat a loved one with our carefully selected valentines sweets? Our Valentine's sweet boxes our brimming with delicious heart-shaped sweets. The perfect pick of romantic-shaped sweets for loved ones.

The Valentines Sweet Box contains 500g of a pick of sweets as below


  • Soft Pink & White Heart Sweets
  • Strawberry Heart Sweets
  • Heart Shaped Marshmallows
  • Revolving Heart Sweets
  • Heart Gummy Sweets


Ordering Online Pick and Mix 


The beauty of ordering sweets online is our online sweet shop is open 24/7. You can pick a time that suits you to choose your favourite sweets. Our easy-to-use website makes shopping for your favourite sweets a breeze. 

After you have added all the sweets from our pick and mix selection, click the cart to check out. Don't forget to redeem your promo coupon for not only free shipping but an unbelievable & fabulous 50% discount.

Visit our website right now and pick out your favourite sweets, remembering our limited special offer just to make your online sweet order even sweeter.