Big Bag Of Sweets

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Bulk Bags of Sweets 

Who doesn't love big bags of sweets, we all do right? Then check out our bags of sweets selection. As sweets and confectionery industry leaders, Sunda Sweets stock only the top sweet brands and the best sweets at the best prices.


Guide to Purchasing Bulk Bags of Candy 

Plenty of online stores sell wholesale bags of sweets but ask yourself if the confectionery is from top brands. On most occasions, an online shop offering wholesale sweets is not offering quality sweets just bulk sweets. 

When customers shop online for bulk bags of candies and sweets, check if the website is offering quality sweets and not just low-quality wholesale sweets.

At Sunda Sweets, we pride ourselves on the quality and selection of confectionery & sweets we offer. 


Quality Sweets using Quality Ingredients

For customer's peace of mind, for all sweets available in our sweet shop we show on our website a full list of all ingredients used. 

If you suffer from an allergy, before purchasing, it's always a good idea to check the ingredients used to make the candy. 


Outstanding Sweets at Outstanding Prices

Selling quality bulk sweets is something Sunda Sweets is renowned for. If you don't want to order big bulk bags of sweets we have little bags too.

On bulk bags purchased directly from our website, we can offer outstanding discounts with a fast delivery service. 



The More Sweet Bags you Buy the Cheaper the Sweets get

For the sweetest treats at cost-saving bulk confectionery prices, it makes perfect sense to order a bag of sweets. We don't just sell English sweets, we offer a range of candy and confectionery from around the world.

The more bulk sweets you buy, the more clients benefit from discounts. Making our top-branded sweets more like wholesale sweets.



Our Industry Leading Online Sweet Shop 

Our main focus is offering more in quantity sweets rather than a bulk bag of low-quality sweets. Our range of sweets and candies has not been thrown together. We have taken time to pick the best selection of sweets & confectionery to sell online. 


Pick & Mix Sweets

Customers can make up their sweet bags using our website pick & mix feature. Picking only their choice of sweets to make up that perfect candy bag of goodness. 


Sweet Bags for a Sweet Gift

Depending on the time of year, we offer festive sweet selections, such as our very popular Christmas gift bag selection. Purchasing quality sweets doesn't have to be just for special occasions. You can order a personalised bag of sweets as a thank-you gift for a loved one or friend.


Sweets for all Tastes

We understand certain people will only eat certain sweets, whether they are vegans or they are Muslim and can only eat Halal sweets. Unlike other sweets shops, At Sunda Sweets, we offer specific sweets for specific people with specific needs. 

Whatever your needs and you cannot see the range of candy on our website, shoot us a message. We will go above and beyond to fulfil a customer's needs. 


Buying Sweets Online 

Buying from our online sweet shop is super easy. Select from retro sweets, classic sweets or your all-time favourites. Add your chosen confectionery to the shopping cart, then head over to check out. Pay for the sweets. All that's left to do is sit back and wait for our fast delivery service to your front door.